Top 10 Hollywood Action Movies

By | July 27, 2016

In today’s date, everyone is fond of watching movies. Almost anyone who is into watching movies is particularly fond of the ‘Action’ genre. It is one of the popular genres in the movie world. From Tom Cruise to Will Smith, every well-known name in Hollywood has done a movie in the action genre. Action genre when done right, is significant, purest form of cinema injected straight into the veins. It’s a very particular set of skills, in this genre. Produced in the able hands capable of precisely choreographing a fight, battle, chase or showdown, to shoot them in innovative and exquisite ways, and to cut them to maximize pressure, strain, and visceral qualities.
Well, cutting off the chase, here’s a list of top action movies compiled by me. You will have a great time watching all these. These movies are a real blockbuster, with some extraordinary scenes, fights, battles, and chases.

#1. Mad Max: Fury Road

There can not be that many people with a brain, heart, and an adrenal gland who came out of “Mad Max: Fury Road” back in May who do not consider it among the exceptional action movies ever made. It is, really the best action movie of 2015 so far. No movie can beat the chase-downs and show-downs in this movie. The plots constructed are total brain-busters.

#2. Lucy

Another movie from the year 2014. Although this movie has a bit of sci-fi, it totally fits into the Action genre. Starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman, this film has broken the box-office collections! The plots constructed in the movie is rather easy to understand. Though the action scenes are a real spine-buster, you will find it most intriguing to watch.

#3. Why Don’t You Play In Hell?

Released in 2013, Why Don’t You Play In Hell? is another action-packed movie with a lot of entertaining fighting scenes to keep you engaged. It is an unusual mix of tones that shouldn’t work at all, but does tremendously well. The demented, blood-soaked final battle clearly relishes the action sequence.

#4. Crank

Chev, an assassin-for-hire, is injected with a serum that requires him always to keep his adrenaline levels high to survive. Released in the year 2006, this movie, until now is great action blockbuster. The fabulous acting of the exquisite Jason Statham can be seen in this movie vividly.

#5. Casino Royale

One of the finest James Bond movies ever made. Casino Royale was a bit hit in the action genre. Followed by the exceptional acting of Daniel Craig and Eva Green. This movie is a must-watch for any James Bond fan out there. The showdowns and plots constructed in the movie are mind-boggling.

Here are a few more movie suggestions in the action genre, I hope you will enjoy them to the core of your heart.

#6. The Dark Knight
#7. Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice
#8. Terminator 2: Judgement Day
#9. Captain America: Civil War
#10. Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation

These are just a few action movie suggestion from our side which tops the list. However, if you feel we have missed any of your favorite movies, feel free to contact us, and we shall add that movie to the list after reviewing it. If you enjoyed or liked any of the above movies, feel free to drop down your experience in the comments section below and let others know how good or bad your experience was. Anyways, stay tuned to our site for more action movies, we will update the list shortly after reviewing some new movies.
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